Uncompromising quality

and innovations are key elements in our philosophy of producing high-quality and always delicious sausages every day for you.

For us, the quality of our products is a top priority that we achieve through complete traceability and control from the origin of the raw materials to the finished product.

We strictly adhere to

the hygiene and sanitary requirements for the production of meat products.

We guarantee the quality of our products by following every step of its production: origin of raw materials, compliance with recipes and cooling temperatures, packing, storage and transportation.

In our striving to offer high quality products that meet the needs of today’s consumer, we are constantly investing in the production process, in the qualification of our employees and in the development of logistics.

Our production is based on time-tested traditional recipes coupled with modern technological practices and innovations. Th balance between traditions and innovation is the reason of the company’s long-standing success.